Fundright deployment in education sector


Majority of students don’t have access or aren’t aware of education funding arrangements in developing countries and this realization inspired us to create EduSupport. Using Fund Right technology, we developed an education financing product called ‘EduSupport’. The first version of this offering was launched as EduConnect, in partnership with EduLoan Pvt. Ltd. in South Africa. In India, this offering was customised for higher education and pilot launched in partnership with NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd and Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion as EduSupport. In April 2017 the license for the ‘EduSupport’ solution was given to NSDL e-Governance


EduSupport is a technology platform for managing education finance. This platform enable creation of education finance schemes for scholarship ,loan scholarship and corporate guarantee schemes .

EduSupport help in creating application form for students to apply for schemes , multilevel review of application forms , admission confirmation from education institutions and conditional disbursement of funds to institution's bank account. EduSupport can be used to make conditional payment to book stores, canteen , hostel etc with a predefined budget for each.