Fund Right


We embarked on a journey to build a ‘Fund Management Platform’ that would facilitate transfer of funds from ‘Provider’ to ‘Seeker’ in an effective and transparent way. Availing funds outside traditional banking sources has been an on-going challenge. Primary reason being the lack of transparency in identifying the needy and very less or no control over the disbursement of funds for the chosen recipient. A lot more progressive initiatives can be facilitated by channelling funds for entrepreneurship development, agriculture, disaster management, and education, healthcare using an efficient and transparent platform. Fund Right provides an Innovative Technology solution that brings the Fund Provider (FP) and the seeker on one platform to facilitate funding schemes creation, seeker-profile building, applications review process, selection and disbursement of funds for specified purposes. Platform is made available on Microsoft Azure cloud or on our partner’s private cloud / data centre.


Billion Lives extends application to the socially relevant initiatives as primary focus. ‘Fund Right’ can be used to effectively channelize funds for Health Industry, Citizen Services, Disaster Management, Agriculture Development, Refugee Assistance Programmes etc. However, not limited to above sectors in any way.

Fund Right is a generic fund management platform with well researched processes and features that can be used for any funding purpose. This makes it a powerful globally applicable solution. Flexible technical architecture allows effective customisation and enhancement of the application.